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Back Office Services & Support allows nonprofit organizations to focus on their mission and programs by providing essential support services. 

Concentrating in the areas of accounting, financial reporting, audit preparation, grant and government contract management, donor tracking, and program data management, we offer a variety of services that are scalable and customized for each client.  Services range from design and implementation of new data systems to simple data entry and bookkeeping.  Services may be for routine ongoing support or project based for specified term.  Outsourced data maintenance, processing, and reporting options are available.


Back Office Services & Support will assist you in developing and implementing effective and efficient accounting, reporting, and data management systems.  Solutions are tailored to your specific needs and operations, informed by the complexity, size, staff and budget of your organization.

We are aware of the fiscal constraints faced by smaller nonprofits and will work with you to find an affordable solution and service level.


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