New Data System Implementation & Integration of Data Systems

  • Software installation and setup

  • Customization of data fields and reports

  • Conversion and import of existing data into new system

  • Design of data export and import processes to eliminate duplicate data entry in different data systems

  • Setup echeck processing and merchant services

  • Available for the following software programs:

    • QuickBooks®

    • Fund EZ®

    • Sage MIP®

    • ADP® (EasyPay®, Pay eXpert®, PC Payroll®, HRExpert®, ezLaborManager®)

    • Paychex Online Payroll®

    • MicroEdge Gifts®

Financial Reporting

  • Preparation of FAS 117/ ASC 958 financial statements including: Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows, and Statement of Functional Expenses

  • Preparation of 990 information returns

  • Preparation of Revenue and Expense reports with comparisons to Budgets and Prior Year

  • Preparation of financial reports for specific grants, funders, departments, programs or locations

Cost Allocations

  • Develop methodologies for allocating overhead, shared costs, and payroll

Accounting, Recordkeeping & Reporting

  • Accounts Payable

    • Maintain vendor records

    • Record vendor invoices and generate payments

    • Prepare 1099s

    • Report on cash requirements

  • Accounts Receivable

    • Maintain client/ customer records

    • Generate orders, invoices and statements, and apply payments

    • Report on aged accounts receivable 

  • Cash Receipts & Disbursements

    • Record deposits

    • Record disbursements

    • Create and transmit positive pay files

    • Reconcile bank and investment accounts

  • General Ledger

    • Journalize accrual related transactions etc.

    • Record entries for revenue and expense allocations and overhead

  • Donations/ Grants

    • Maintain donor and membership records

    • Record donations and pledges

    • Prepare Thank You letters

    • Report on open pledges

    • Report on donor giving history, demographics, and other characteristics

    • Generate mailing lists and labels

Grant Administration (for Grantees)

  • Maintain grantor records

  • Track proposals and awards

  • Track reporting due dates

  • Track actual and budgeted expenses for grants

  • Prepare interim and final financial reports for grants

Grant Administration (for Grantors)

  • Maintain grantee records

  • Track processing stage and status of received proposals

  • Schedule and generate grant payments

  • Track site visit and reporting due dates

  • Track grants by program area, population, and geographic area

 Payroll Recordkeeping Processing

  • Maintain employee payroll records (including wage and tax information)

  • Remit payroll data to processing service

  • Journalize payroll transactions

 Human Resources Recordkeeping

  • Maintain employee personnel information including employment dates, job history, compensation, performance reviews, skills, position, scheduled raises

  • Maintain benefit enrollment information

  • Track paid time off and balances 



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